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Luxury Smart Home Installation & Programming

With Luxtech’s suite of smart home technology, you can have the home of tomorrow - today! Upgrade and manage every facet of your home, from live camera feeds and remote locks to the temperature and lighting of each room, all from the convenience of a single smart device. We are dedicated to outfitting your home with its own unique set of systems, tailored to suit your specific lifestyle.

Our team of installers and programmers has the skills and expertise to give you the smart home you long for. We specialize in the high-end Crestron® systems, multi-room audio-video systems, whole house or outdoor speaker systems, motorized smart shades, home theater systems, and any custom lighting or smart home technology you need. If you want the highest quality smart home system, LuxTech has the professionals you can trust.

Quality home technology innovation in Lake Geneva, Lake Como, Williams Bay, Delevan Lake, and more.


LuxTech technician services include: Home Security Systems, Home Theaters, Multiroom AV Systems, Outdoor Lighting and Audio, Automatic ShadesSmarthome Technology


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Comprehensive home security systems controlled by a smart device

Home Security Systems

Modernize your security to ensure that your family and home are kept safe. Our home security systems allow you to manage door locks and surveillance cameras from your device, even while you’re off the property. You will even be notified of dangerous situations such as gas leaks within your home. Take charge of your safety by utilizing our trusted brands and technologies.

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Customized in-home theaters by Luxtech

Home Theaters

Movie theaters can be expensive and restrictive, so let us bring the experience home to you! Our team of home theater installers will tailor your home theater to perfectly accentuate your Lake Geneva home, optimizing for the best acoustics and sightlines for all viewers. With high-quality AV technology and carefully designed seating, you can get the full theater experience from the comfort of your own home.

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Blueprint for a multiroom AV system by Luxtech

Multiroom AV Systems

Our latest AV technology allows you to set up screens and speakers within multiple rooms and seamlessly transfer audio and visual content between them. You can designate specific rooms to play music or shows and adjust the volume independently of every other room. And, all of this can be managed from a single smart device.

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Backyard with outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting & Audio

Even after the sun goes down, you can keep the party going outside with our outdoor lighting and audio systems. Liven up any yard, patio, or pool by keeping the lights on and the music pumping, no matter where you are in the house. Our weather-proof products are ideal for the unpredictability of Wisconsin climate, so there’s no need to worry about having to constantly replace your systems.

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Automatic shades for homes

Automatic Shades

With one-touch shades from LuxTech, you can have full control over the amount of natural lighting that enters your Lake Geneva home. Raise and lower your shades with a single press on your smart device, or program your shades to raise or lower at specific times of the day. You don’t ever have to fumble with a set of frustrating blinds anymore with our trusted products!

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A house integrated with smart home technology

Smarthome Technology

Upgrade all facets of your home with the latest in automation technology. From a single device, you can have total control over your home’s lighting, heating and cooling systems, AV technology, security systems, and more. All installations are carefully and handled personally by our team of professionals to meet the specific needs of your home.

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LuxTech utilizes only the best and latest home automation technology on the market. Trusted brands such as Yamaha and Roku are the backbone of any upstanding smart home, offering innovative home AV systems customized to fit your Wisconsin home.

Bring your Hartland home into the modern era with home automation technology from LuxTech. Our experts are standing by to walk you through the installation and management of any of our technologies.

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