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Smart Home Design, Installation, & Programming

When you dream of controlling every aspect of your home from your phone, tablet, or computer, Luxury Technology Group is the only way to go. Make your dream a reality - our experienced design and installation team will tailor your home automation system specifically for your North Shore home. With our suite of technologies and services, you can attain total mastery over your home from a single device.

Our expert team specializes in Crestron® systems, the best luxury smart home product on the market. We can install and program multi-room audio-video systems, whole house or outdoor speaker systems, motorized smart shades, home theater systems, and any custom lighting or smart home technology you need.

Quality home technology innovation in North Shore, Fort Atkinson, Lake Koshkonong, and more.


LuxTech technician services include: Home Security Systems, Home Theaters, Multiroom AV Systems, Outdoor Lighting and Audio, Automatic Blinds/ShadesSmarthome Technology


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Comprehensive home security systems controlled by a smart device

Home Security Systems

Ready to take charge of your home security wherever you are? Our smart home security systems have you covered! Access camera feeds, lock or unlock doors and receive notifications about harmful gas leaks all from your phone or other smart device. A modern home needs modern security measures, and LuxTech can get you up to speed on the latest technology.

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Customized in-home theaters by Luxtech

Home Theaters

Bring the theater experience into your North Shore home with a fully custom home theater setup. Our technology experts and trusted brands will provide you with the best picture and sound quality on the market, all controlled through our user-friendly interface. Dim the lights to your preferred level and lean back in our premium theater seating, meticulously arranged for optimal viewing.

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Blueprint for a multiroom AV system by Luxtech

Multiroom AV Systems

Gain the ability to perfectly adjust the settings of your favorite songs and shows in every room of your home with a Crestron AV system. Choose which devices will be sharing screens and control the exact volume of each of them, allowing you to enjoy your programs however you want, wherever you want.

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Backyard with outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting & Audio

Liven up your patio with a sophisticated lighting and audio system. Our technology professionals will install weather-resistant speakers and light fixtures at key locations in your Wisconsin backyard. Keep the party going long into the night with ambient lighting and lively music, all managed through a single device!

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Automatic shades for homes

Automatic Shades

Control the flow of natural light in your home with automatic shades, fully programmable and adjustable through your smart devices. Set your curtains to raise every morning for a natural alarm clock and lower them later in the day to block out the afternoon heat. Choose from a variety of curtain materials and styles to suit your home.

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A house integrated with smart home technology

Smarthome Technology

Bring your home into the modern era with leading brands like Roku smart home technology. Have total control over your lighting, temperature, appliances, security and more with a completely customized home automation system. Monitor your security systems and energy consumption through your device at any time. Upgrade to the next level of homeownership by getting in touch with LuxTech today!

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Crestron is the industry leader in smart home technology and our trusted brand when installing your smart home system. Featuring the latest state-of-the-art products, Crestron is committed to providing the most powerful and user-friendly experience for smart homeowners.

For any technological improvement to your home, LuxTech is here to help. Our experts will get to know the layout of your home for optimal installation of your new integrated home system.

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